There are many innovative ways we can help you realize your vision through consultative and collaborative services. We are confident that we can surprise you with the range of expertise you need.

With an array of highly experienced professionals at our disposal, we will bring to your doorstep or make available opportunities for you to bring to life your innovative ideas, plans, programmes and projects.

Our list of specialism accords us the wherewithal to provide all services pertaining to academic and industrial research, business planning, organizational planning and development, publication and career enhancement strategies and techniques.

Our Teams of experienced professionals are made available for you upon request.

These are a list of our current services are as summarized below:

  • Research and publication
  • Organizational planning and development
  • Project design, planning and implementation
  • Proposal writing/analysis
  • Report writing
  • Career planning and development
  • Seminars
  • Conference


Motivate, stimulate and grow the knowledge you need to succeed.

Business career and so forth will prosper, with new ideas and we work with you to design specially tailored, expert training and skill base programmes to develop the work force and potential that you really need at the fore-front of your enterprise.

  • Capacity building and innovative techniques employed for organization, industries and institutions. This is achieved through special programmes designed and tailored to alleviate your challenges and strengthened your workforce through high-quality training and strategic development.
  • Collaborate with organization, Institutions and government Agencies to design and execute social services as well as training programmes for human development.
  • Individuals as well as groups of people who have training and developmental needs can also access our varied and rich services provided by highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.



ON Ghana acknowledges that every business and individuals needs help from time to time. And we have the expertise to help you succeed. You may benefit from our help by overcoming your business challenges, or bringing new ideas and strategies to live.

Our independent consultancy services can support you as you engage with the future.

In this light we provide consultancy services for;

  • Educational Institutions
  • Individual and groups who are into various ventures
  • Businesses and
  • Organizations



ON Ghana in her bid to help alleviate rural poverty, implement welfare and community service by providing services on rural enterprise development, technology support and management strategies to people engaged in small to medium scale enterprises.

It also spearheads initiatives that create new micro-enterprise business opportunities in the area of alternative livelihood support programmes for the poor in society to improve on the access to education, health, market, agriculture and financial information.

The areas emphasis is placed in this sector include:

  • Business planning and strategic development programmes for indigenous industries
  • Alternative livelihood development/support projects through indigenous technology
  • Capacity building and skill acquisition programmes for rural entrepreneurs
  • Market Access/research and linkages
  • Funding/grant/aid/micro-finance sourcing for rural enterprise and indigenous industries
  • Development of value chain in various agricultural products.
  • Micro-finance and social savings schemes.
  • Environmental and sanitation services including cleaning services in both domestic and organizations within the communities of our jurisdiction.